For any question, inquiry, collaboration, sponsorship or if you just want to say hello you can reach me at hi@martasplants.com or use the contact form here.


Welcome to Marta’s Plants! My name is Marta Giaccone and I am a documentary photographer from Milan, Italy, with a passion for healthy food. This website is a place dedicated to colorful and vibrant vegan/plant-based dishes.


(I may use dairy, eggs and fish when I cook for clients but everything you see here is plant-based)


I have been familiar with healthy food all my life thanks to my mother but it was only in 2012 – when my nutritionist suggested I replace all white flours with whole ones and incorporate more legumes – that I began to seek new and creative ways to eat (boring) vegetables and grains. And so I discovered not only the world of food blogging, but also a lot of new foods I had never even heard of, some of which have now become staples in my diet (to name a few: avocado, turmeric, coriander, kale, cavolo nero, quinoa).



I love coming up with new recipes using seasonal organic local produce, when possible, healthifying traditional Italian dishes and childhood favorites. All the recipes on Marta’s Plants are vegan (save when I, seldom, use honey or bee pollen, hence the preferred term “plant-based”) and 99% refined sugar-free, which means I only add naturally occurring sweeteners (refined from plant sources – as opposed to created in a lab – such as dates, maple syrup, stevia and honey). I don’t use margarine, vegan spreads or other processed products. I always use high quality Italian extra virgin olive oil for dressing and sautéing, and coconut oil or evoo for baking. I don’t fry and hate fried food!


The thing I like the most is bringing color to what I eat and at times I extract colors from one food and add it to another! Some recipes will be really short and straightforward, while others may be longer and/or more complicated and will require a few hours of your time (for example home-made bread) because I love making everything from scratch, if I have the time.


I hope you will find some interesting ideas on Marta’s Plants!



This blog was created in May 2017 after 5 years of recipe testing, tasting and photographing, and of family and friends suggesting I try and find a way to share my passion for plant-based dishes. I have posted food photos on my personal Instagram (@martagiaccone) until recently but didn’t quite feel that was the right place for it. So at last Marta’s Plants (IG: @martasplants) was born. Please bear with me as I find my way into the blogging world, completely unknown to me until now! Besides creating new recipes all the time I have dozens written down, some of which need to be remade or re-photographed.



As a documentary photographer, I never had an interest in photographing food (I used to snob people who filled their feeds with food snaps) until I started to actually take an interest in what I was eating. Then a love for food photography began! I always shoot with natural available light.



Everyone can benefit from incorporating more plants into their diets. I am super happy every time I cook something for people who aren’t used to eating as many vegetables as me, and they like my recipes. You just need to treat your veggies well, pick the right flavor combinations, add the right dressings or marinades and then hopefully you’ll agree with me when I say: plants are awesome!



I am always open to collaborations regarding recipe developing or food photography, as long as they are fair and/or paid accordingly. I do not work for free.


For any question, inquiry, collaboration, sponsorship or if you just want to say hello you can reach me at hi@martasplants.com or use the contact form here.


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