Light elderflower cordial {vegan}

Light elderflower cordial // vegan

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I have recently started to go to a great farmers market here in Turin, and have decided I’ll try to buy a new local vegetable typical of Piedmont each week if I’m in town (which is not very often…).

My first encounter with elderflower happened at a Copenhagen restaurant in 2007, but I had no idea what was inside my drink. I knew it was a flower, but for some reason I’d never thought about looking up the actual plant (so silly of me…). Then I found the same flavor inside an Ikea drink and I was ecstatic. The only problem? It was way too sweet! So I decided to make my own version. I only use 3 tablespoons of sweetener for 2 lt of water (instead of the usual 1-3 kg!!). It’s delicious and refreshing. Next time I will throw in some orange and ginger as well. This recipe is super quick and simple but it needs 24 hrs to rest at room temperature. Definitely serve chilled!

P.S. this is not a syrup to dilute with water!

  Light elderflower cordial

Light elderflower cordial // vegan

Farmers Market
by Marta Giaccone


yields 2 lt
prep time: 5 mins, cooking time: 5 min, total: 10 mins (+ chilling time: 24 hrs)


2 lt water
3 tbsp maple syrup or honey (or more, to taste)
2 lemons
20 heads of elderflower
handful fresh mint
handful fresh lemon mint (optional)

Light elderflower cordial


  • Add water and honey to a big pot, then gently bring to the boil until the honey has dissolved. Remove from the heat.
  • Wash the lemons. Grate the zest from one, add to the pot, then squeeze in the juice. Slice the other one and add in as well. Add the flowers, making sure there are no bugs or dirt residue, along with a handful of mint and lemon mint.
  • Cover and let infuse for 24 hours at room temperature.
  • Strain your cordial with a fine sieve over a large pot, then transfer to a jug or a glass bottle with the help of a funnel.
  • Serve chilled!

Light elderflower cordial // vegan

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